Thursday, June 11, 2009

It is getting scary!

I don't propose to know much about the economy (or anything for that matter), but even and idiot can identify a stop sign (ok, so I did miss that question on my driving test, but it was tricky. So in my little cocoon of a life that really hasn't been impacted by the crisis, other that less headlines about Brittany and Lindsay and no raise this year, I have been picking up the hints in the media that Scott has been screaming. I guess for me I am getting scared when the mainstream media starts to point out what is obvious. I knew it was bad in my gut from the start, but now I feel a little better that it is in the mainstream:
And on a positive note:
with this happy outlook:
"Retail sales rose by the largest amount in four months in May... The May advance could be another signal that the worst of the recession is over."
For some reason I am not as optimistic :(


  1. Nice links.

    The California situation is simply hilarious. I can't think of a more deserving state for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, all the undesirables who ran up that fiscal disaster will likely simply flee the state when it goes tits-up and begin infesting the remainder of their country.

    I've been seeing things about it for some time. Gary North warned that voters would probably reject ballot initiatives to raise taxes that went up for a vote about a month ago, which is the first place I saw anything about it, (although this kind of thing generally happens during recessions, so it was to be expected) but I don't like to post everything he says on this site because his is a pay site.

    Anyway, you're way out there in the wilderness amongst fairly sane people (if you can keep the wave of Californians run out!). You have your own house with at least a little bit of land. So you are positioned well. Get a well put into your house, basic gardening tools and an organic gardening book, and buy some non-hybrid seeds for basic crops and put them in the freezer. You should have the whole food-storage thing down cold at this point, I would think.

    Do that, put a little of your savings into gold, silver, or something similar, and you'll be better prepared than the rest of us. You still might not make it, but you'll have done your best.

    Don't let the recent market upturn fool you. It will get worse.

    And thanks for the post.

  2. sorry, typo: "infesting the remainder of THE country."