Posted by Scott, 9/21/2010

3CNB stands for 'Three Chemists and a Bean-Counter,' which was a reference to the professions of the contributors at the time.  Unable to recruit one of the three chemists, and having changed contributors over time, that name no longer really applies, so I've just shortened it to 3CNB.

I'm the principle contributor to this blog, but the other guys occasionally chime in every now and then.  The blog started as the result of a long series of emails between myself and Ben back in October of 2008.  I had been corresponding with him for some time about the state of the economy, and decided that it might be fun to include more people in the conversation.

Since then, it has grown to be something of an obsession, at least for me.  I now also contribute to Eternity Road, a fine and successful blog hosted by a great champion of free markets and free societies, Francis Porretto.  Most of what I post here winds up there anyway, so you might as well visit and see all the other great stuff on offer from the other 'co-conspirators.'

Feel free to look around.  I plan to add more to the site as I can come up with it.  Having recently become a father, I have less time than I once did for this kind of thing.  But I try to keep at it.