Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reading Between the Basepairs

A company is offering personal genetic testing:
Three years later, their company, 23andMe.com, gives anyone with $399 to spend a host of information about his or her genetic markers; from traits like whether you’re a natural sprinter to whether you might be at risk for Parkinson’s disease. You order the kit online, get it in the mail, spit in the cup and mail it back. A few months later, you get your results via email. It’s as easy as getting a movie from Netflix.
OK, so I've known about this stuff for a long time. It's pretty cool to see it showing up on Yahoo!Finance. The main reason I posted on it was that one of the last lines caught my eye:
Among them, doctors and regulators who think the procedure should be done by a doctor, privacy advocates who worry the information could be used against you, and people who think decoding your genetics is a step too close to playing God.
Analyzing my own DNA is playing God? I'll leave it alone...

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