Monday, March 2, 2009

Smack! Whack! Pow!

Did you check the markets today?
Dow finishes below 7,000 for first time since '97 Monday March 2, 6:38 pm ET By Tim Paradis, AP Business Writer
More unstoppable selling on Wall Street takes Dow to lowest point since 1997 NEW YORK (AP) -- A relentless sell-off in the stock market Monday blew through barriers that would have been unthinkable just weeks ago, and investors warned there was no reason to believe buyers will return anytime soon.
That WHACK! BAM! noise you hear OOFf! BOOM! would be the sound of Adam Smith's "invisible hand" POP! BANG! AAARGH! dishing out a sound spanking. Even the most clever and contrived plans are no match against the iron laws of the universe. They're not negotiable. You break 'em at your own peril. Or rather, you don't break 'em. Period. Pretending that you can is stupid. Maybe one day they'll be calling him "Ben-dover" Bernanke...

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