Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not for the faint of heart, or weak constitution!!!

Scott's post linking to a cartoon in The Economist brought back not so fond memories of a Monty Python skit in the movie "The Meaning of Life"
Please don't watch if you are easily offended, but some how this video does seem politically and economically relevant.  Fat cats is a term originating in the 1920s, but is applicable today as then.  I just hope the end of this economic downturn mess is better then the end of the video.
***It really is not for those easily offended and is wrong on so many levels***
(How do the British get away with such humour?  A post for another day!)

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  1. Actually, this is oddly appropriate.

    - a pampered, detached economy goes on a grotesque, debt-fueled spending binge
    - it is aided, abetted, and indeed encouraged by an accommodating FED and absurdly indulgent government policy
    - the whole thing ends, errr..., yeah, about like that

    Thanks for the post!