Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Election Predictions!

Realclearpolitics has Obama winning in a landslide:

Obama/Biden 306

255 Solid 51 Leaning

McCain/Palin 157

127 Solid 30 Leaning

Toss Up 75

75 Toss Up

Looks like even if McCain gets all the tossup states, he still loses. I'm no McCain fan, but I have several reasons to suspect these polls are inaccurate. To enumerate:
  • The polltakers tend to be MSM folks, who are biased towards the left
  • The political climate has become so heated that conservatives in large part avoid pollsters altogether, avoid talk of politics, and flat out lie when the question is forced as to their political leanings
  • "Operatives" of the left systematically try to skew the results by seeking out pollsters, making the election of their candidate look like a foregone conclusion
Anecdotal evidence supports the first two of my contentions, and for a specific (if unverified) example of the latter, check here (courtesy of Fran at Eternity Road). The poll tinkering has been going on for years, and I can specifically remember a flabbergasted Michael Barone on FoxNews during the last presidential election calling for criminal investigations of horribly skewed exit polling showing Kerry winning Ohio handily. If you'll remember, he actually lost in a vote that was not really all that close. I haven't been following the election much since the end of the Republican primary, mostly becase I simply don't care who wins at this point. National politics has also lost its appeal to me, as it no longer matters much who wins and who loses. We end up with the same policies either way, it seems. At any rate, were I following the election closely, I would not take polling too seriously, as it seems to get less and less accurate with each passing election. Which brings me to my specific prediction: McCain wins in a "surprise" upset, in an election which really isn't all that close, despite rampant voter fraud on the part of ACORN and the poll rigging already discussed. Thanks to the illusion of a sure Obama victory created by their own dishonest tactics, the broader left once again feels disenfranchised and robbed by the electoral process. While a conservative would be shamed by the notion that he couldn't even win by cheating, this will only enfuriate the left and somehow further legitimize their belief that they are shut out by an electoral process which is inherently unfair. (Yes, I am aware that the previous sentence makes absolutely no sense. Nobody ever accused a lefty of being rational.) In short, I predict a McCain victory, followed by "civil unrest" in the predictable locales. Furthermore, I expect subsequent elections to get progressively dirtier as the state expands and the stakes get ever higher for the winners and losers. Once again, yet another argument for libertarianism. Can't we all just agree to leave eachother alone and try to get along? But I could be completely wrong. Thoughts, anyone?

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