Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Climate Gate

I am not sure how widely this is known, as broadcast news refuses to cover the subject, online news stations are spinning it so hard the earth is reversing its rotation.
So I was reading Foxnews when a hardly noticeable sideline appeared. It mentioned something about leaked emails from a climate research institution. I started digging around and found this excellent site: Wow I couldn't believe what I was reading. These guys had been doing climate science right, objectively and with a focus on the data. Climategate offered proof of the issues raised by climate 'deniers', not by uncovering missing scientific data, but in illustrating what occurs between collection of the data and publishing.
Those who question the scientific validity of climate data have conveniently been classified as deniers, rather than what all scientists should be until a scientific law is established, a sceptic. So I propose those who unabashedly support anthropogenic global warming (AGW) be called climate liars (i.e. Al Gore).
For your reading pleasure:
All the climate gate documents in searchable format
The smoking gun illustrating how the data is manipulated to show a global increase in temperature
A few fun Al Gore comments trying invalidate climategate info by stating it is more than 10 years old on CNN's "American Morning" and in Slate magazine
The real crime of climategate is the hacking of emails, and Sen Boxer (D-CA) isn't going to even look at the emails because they were stolen, but is committed to find out who stole them
It is more than just "Mike's Nature trick' or 'hide the decline', look at how they actually handle the data used in justifying climate change


  1. So, I just have to ask: what are all the University folk-types saying about it?

    That whole peer review thing is looking mighty squirrely right about now...

    Thanks for the post!

  2. It depends if you get money from climate research or not. I think any self respecting academic is shuddering in their boots at the ineptitude of the data manipulations, and sick at how deeply the political tentacles innervate science research.

    If you get money for climate research, all cylinders are running on damage control.