Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Your Thoughts?

Would anyone like to share his view on why people are so outraged that the president would speak directly to schoolchildren? I know alot of people don't agree with him politically, but it seems like a pretty standard practice for a president. I don't remember people getting this worked up about it in the past. Was I just not paying attention?


  1. Excellent question!

    I can think of a few reasons:
    1) This is a controversial president
    2) The speech was supposed to be political in nature, but was edited due to public backlash
    3) It was done through the public school systems on the subject of "how to help the president" e.g. it appeared self-serving (at least more than usual)
    4) It was nationwide

    It really isn't standard practice as far as I'm aware, at least in those regards. Compare this with Bush's reading a kid's book to a kindergarten class. Mostly apolitical.

    Still, very few are asking the important question to my mind: what the heck are these guys doing anyway? Is this really the president's place?

    Clearly, no. Not part of the job of a president. They should lay off, all of them, especially when they aren't doing their real jobs properly in the first place. That's my 2 cents.

  2. Here is an article that gives a little background, although it is obviously slanted.

    I think people are beginning to observe the actions of Obama are matching predictions made by 'crazies' for over a year.

    Even if you are an Obama supporter, you have to admit some of the policies and power grabbing tactics are unprecedented.

    Here is a video of what people were expecting the students to be exposed to:


    Make special note of 3:17 and the closing at 3:54

    That is a little scary and it was just brought to the forefront in the news by events in my lovely state of Utah. You have to admit that video is a little freaky and the thought of similar things being directed to a captivated audience of students is a little too close to 1984 for most people's comfort. However, it still doesn't justify some of the ignorant comments I heard from my family members who are all in education. It is funny, Utah doesn't have an issue with teaching evolution like most people would think, but Obama has seemed to touch a nerve and draw a line of what is acceptable for students to be exposed to.

  3. I remember hearing those commercials on the radio.

    I thought they were creepy, too.

    I can think of no better way to weird-out the opposition than with ads like that.

    Scary, to think that that was what they thought would appeal to mainstream voters.

    Imagine the unedited version, when they're not trying to sell themselves...

  4. I also like what this guy said to this politician:


    Stay away from my kids! My thoughts exactly...

    & if you really want them away from your kids, it's really pretty simple:


  5. One more and I'm done:

    Mackay, doesn't that video you posted just ooze fascism?

  6. You can't be done yet Scott. What do you think of:


    I think I just found my new hero. There is something to be said for how the British hammer out their ideas, and I think our President needs to be challenged a little more. It is funny he seems to fall apart if the prompter fails or he is interrupted. These can speeches do nothing for me as they are crafted too well. Lets get to the bottom and hold all politicians feet to the fire.

    Personally I think politicians are getting a little worried. Their constituents are not as malleable and conformist as they likely thought. I am excited that people are starting to call out the politicians and even though it was probably rude (I have a different opinion then some) Mr. Wilson with my pledge to support stem cell research I pledge my effort to get you cloned.

    A politician that finally stands up for what they believe in, even in the face of severe opposition. I can tell you that action wasn't self-serving and I would like to see more of that!