Friday, July 24, 2009

Fred on Whitey

It's so much fun to read Fred Reed when he's making fun of other people. But it is particularly fun when he is picking on you:
Middle-class albinobaptists have been…a catastrophe. Boring. Horribly boring. They remain so. ...

They were scrupulously honest, worked hard, and made good neighbors. They prized civic responsibility, good manners, and good grammar, because the lower class didn’t.

But they didn’t dance, never read anything wilder than Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, didn’t care for music, and generally made Mormon missionaries look like party animals.

Ha! Nobody makes fun of people in a more insightful way than Fred Reed. Delightful article! He's the best. But you know, it occurs to me that I know a certain albinobaptist who quit a perfectly decent pencilpushing job here in the states, ran away to Mexico, got hitched, wound up broke, and came back with a whole passel of stories to tell. He also plays a mean electric guitar that could give Mark Knopfler or Jimmy Page a run for his money. Scandinavian descent, even. And yes, he knew all about those Democrat ladies. As I recall he used to hang around these parts. So maybe there is a little hope for boring old whitey-baptists like us.

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