Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scotty, where are you?...

My appologies for the recent lack of posting. To be fair, I haven't been commenting a lot on other blogs lately, either. I've been reading quite a bit, as I said before. I have to admit, both Inherit the Earth and Liberal Fascism are turning out to be spectacular reads. I cannot recommend them enough. I was skeptical about Liberal Fascism at first, as it is a modern book written by a fairly mainstream pundit (Jonah Goldberg), though I will say that he is one of the only mainstream pundits that I actually find to be a reasonably good read. Anyway, the book was a very pleasant surprise. Vox picked a good one. As for Gary North's book, I expected it to be good simply because he wrote it, but I did not expect that it would turn out to be exactly the book I had been looking for: a systematic overview of the principles of Christian economics. If you have any interest at all in the connection between Biblical ethics and the functioning of the economy, a more thorough Biblical justification of my older rantings, or in what the Bible has to say about economics in general, READ THIS BOOK. The PDF (which you can download for free) has an awful lot of typos in it, apparently from digital interconversions. But it is usually not too difficult to figure out what was supposed to be there. Or you can just buy it. As for the blog, I've been short of interesting news stories of late. I'm tired of commenting on the US debt/FED treasury buying conundrum/situation, though it seems that more and more mainstreamers are beginning to see that things are getting out of control. Just as my pet topic seems to have grabbed the limelight, I've grown silent. Anyway, I think the longer, more thoughtful (and hopefully thought-provoking) posts seem to have more value than a flood of the shorter news-commentary types. I have a mind to revisit the Index of Economic Freedom, with another big post. I've found some more interesting tidbits in the data, but I haven't finished enough of the analysis off to even begin writing. These kinds of posts take a lot of doing, and I've been slacking. I've got a mind to do several others as well, but they would also be long 'uns. Anyway, I'm off to do more reading. You probably should, too.

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