Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reading Material

In case anybody else wants to participate, I'll be joining in on Voxiversity's reading of Liberal Fascism. So you'll probably be seeing posts about fascism anytime now. Assuming I decide to post things, as the whole blog thing is beginning to wear on me. First assignment is the intro, quiz on Saturday. I got the book in the mail yesterday and have already read the intro. It looks to be an interesting book. According to Goldberg, the French Revolution was the first fascist revolution, and that America itself temporarily became a fascist country... during World War I! Interesting. And probably useful too, as this seems to be where we are headed. It'll be nice to know what warning signs to look for as we try to survive the coming decades. Incidentally, I am also reading Inherit the Earth by Gary North, and The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, more or less at the same time. So if I begin posting off-the-wall thoughts confusing assorted facts from economics, fascism, and Christianity, its because I have overloaded my circuits and my brain has been scrambled. OK, OK, so it is always scrambled...

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