Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eternity Road At It's Best

Fran Porretto links to a positively wonderful past essay from his Saturday post on the ascendancy of the Democrats to permanent leadership of these United States: The topic? The nature and terms of "political warfare:"
The most popular ideologies in the world today are the Western ideology of moral and cultural relativism -- Cthulhu's -- and the Eastern ideology of utter submission to a totalitarian god -- Allah's. The former delights in the self-destruction of the world by the incitement of the worst impulses of Man. The latter demands Man's increase, but under conditions so confining and unpleasant that death would be preferable. At present, the former has access to more temporal tools, but the speed at which the latter is multiplying suggests that it won't be long before its numbers allow it to swarm over all barricades erected against it. But in any case, if the West should continue its descent into moral and cultural relativism, it will disarm itself precisely as Islam rises to strike it dead.
Unlike my longtime avid consumption of all things Vox Day, and more recently Gary North, I have not been an avid reader of Fran's for all that long, having only just discovered him a few months ago. I haven't yet read much of his older postings, so I have found the passing juxtaposition of many of his ideas to be a bit puzzling, particularly his passion for the War on Terror coupled with a healthy case of state-o-phobia. No longer. In this essay, aptly titled "Dark gods," he lays out a specific worldview that pits Islam against the decadent self-immolation of Western "liberalism." I use the "sneer quotes," of course, to imply the lack of liberalism in the modern liberal, and usually prefer to call them leftists, though this too is a nearly useless misnomer. It's funny how the folks of that persuasion make such of masterful use of verbal Vaseline. At any rate, I can't possibly summarize it for you without doing irreparable damage to the essence of his arguments. It is long; I would read it anyway. I would also read the Saturday post, as well as the brief article he links to at The Return of Scipio. I cannot possibly say anything that these men have not said better. But I would like to add one thought: The sheer volume and intensity of talent, brilliance, and eloquence which can be found on display on sites such as these is simply breathtaking. That they are relegated to 2oth tier status, at best, in favor of folks like Lew Dobbs or Bill O'Reilly and the other folks on networks like CNN and FoxNews is positively shameful. Why does anybody waste time with anything else? Why aren't their words-of-wisdom more widely consumed? It's not that it is's just that nobody cares, and few agree with them. Like the pieces themselves, more sad commentary...

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