Friday, November 21, 2008

I Love Fran's Site!

Francis Porretto has one of the very best libertarian/conservative blogs on the web, in my opinion. I may not agree with him about everything, but he writes darn good, very insightful stuff and has a great supporting cast. Aaron has a great analysis of the recently passed presidential election and the effect of the economic crunch on Republican and national politics, though I think he underestimates the severity of what is about to happen and its effects on the country. Duyen Ky makes an interesting point about political "fairness." Leonidas seems to be one of the few non-dedicated-Austrian bloggers to "get" the present financial crisis, and provides a fantastic link to an interview with Peter Shiff. He also maintains a blog of his own. (Might want to listen to this one, Mackay! He talks a bit about the "higher education bubble" which I would agree will probably bust over the course of this crisis.)

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