Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Follow-Up

I have to post a quick follow-up to my post-election post.  I recommend that you watch last night's Colbert Report.  Aside from being hilarious, Stephen Colbert jokes about the same issue I discussed about a mandate from the people.  It's almost the same point I made, and for the record, no I didn't plagiarize.  I swear.
Colbert also pokes fun at the fear factor, which is something Scott pointed to in his link to the LRC blog.  I certainly hope it is just right-wing fear mongering.  So far, a lot of evidence points to that conclusion.  As I have said before, McCain's entire campaign was based on fear, and many have been trying to link Obama to practically every evil that exists in the world.  You should also note the montage that The Daily Show with Jon Stewart put together last night on Fox News' coverage of Obama in the final days before the election.  Seriously, if you watch Fox News long enough, you will be scared.  Maybe I've been watching Jon Stewart too much.
And, of course I do not want us to become Cuba or North Korea as the LRC blogger insinuates.  If Obama tries that, he will be voted out in 2012...or what is he going to outlaw voting and term limits too?  Come on.  
The Democrats aren't stupid.  I'm sure they are already drunk on the power they will soon weild.  But, they know that if they swoop in with an ultra left-wing agenda, we will have Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber in the White House in 2012.  
But, I am optimistic because I believe we need a united goverment to actually make necessary changes.  The new president can't just hit the undo button on 8 years of Bush policy.  I hope the Democrats and Obama can make those changes without going overboard.  McCain would have given us goverment gridlock, except for a few cosmetic items that only look like change.

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  1. Just what changes did you have in mind? Exactly what changes can Obama make to "fix" things? Are these the type of changes Obama is likely to make?

    (sounds like a good blog topic to me!)

    My personal 2 cents: Obama is unlikely to be inclined or able to do anything to fix the current mess. He may make us all feel better with soothing comments or what-have-you, but any actual changes he makes are likely to be divisive and unhelpful.

    Hopefully, he will stick with "dialogue" and "hope" and go light on the "change." That's the best he can do, in my opinion.